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Indoor Pistol Range

Indoor Pistol Range
No Membership Required!
Our 50ft indoor pistol range is open to the general public. It contains shooting distances from 15-50ft and a automatic retrieval system.
The range accommodates:
Pistol calibers up to and including the S&W 500 Magnum
Pistol caliber carbines
Full metal jacket and jacketed ammunition
To better hone your abilities, we offer:
Friday Ladies Night
Shooting Leagues
Self-Paced Marksmanship Training Programs
Low Light Shooting

CCW Classes

CCW Classes
Safety Training & Renewal Available
We offer Concealed-Carry Weapons Safety Training and Renewal Classes that meet Michigan Law requirements form NRA certified instructors.
These classes include:
3 hours of range time logged at our climate controlled indoor pistol range at your convenience
Free study guide produced by the NRA
Individual attention given by qualified instructors

Range Hours

Range Hours
Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm
Saturday 8am – 8pm
Sunday 1pm – 5pm

Range Rates

Range Rates
Half Hour $10
One Hour $15
Additional Shooters 1/2 Price
up to 4 shooters per lane
$3 off the hour to Members of the NRA, MCRGO, CCGOA, GLSSA, Law Enforcement and Active Military

Class Rates

Class Rates
CCW Safety Training $149
CCW Renewal $60
*Prices subject to change without notice. We accept Visa, Master Card.
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