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2020 CCW/CPL Class Schedule

Schedule 2020

15th – 10:00am
29th – 10:00am

1st – 2:00pm
14th – 10:00am
15th – 8:00am
28th – 10:00am

11th – 10:00am
19th – 8:00am
25th – 10:00am

9th – 10:00am
17th – 8:00am
23rd – 10:00am

6th – 10:00am
7th – 2:00pm
14th – 8:00am
20th – 10:00am

3rd – 10:00am
12th – 10:00am
18th – 10:00am

1st – 10:00am
2nd – 2:00pm
9th – 8:00am
29th – 10:00am
30th – 2:00pm

12th – 10:00am
13th – 8:00am
26th – 10:00am

4th – 2:00pm
10th – 10:00am
11th – 8:00am
24th – 10:00am

1st – 2:00pm
7th – 10:00am
8th – 8:00am
21st – 10:00am

5th – 10:00am
6th – 2:00pm
13th – 8:00am
19th – 10:00am


Classes include all training materials and tests. / All renewal CPL classes run 2pm to 6pm Includes all training materials and test, breakfast and lunch! $149 per person. $75 deposit required. Stop by or call 269.968.4229 to reserve your spot! Renewal class cost is $69. Gift certificates available.


This class meets the requirements for the CCW renewal training required by law in the state of Michigan*. It is a four hour course which includes one hour of live fire range time to be done on the day of class (you will need to bring your firearm, an extra magazine or speed loader, and at least 100 rounds of ammunition which may be purchased on site). This class also includes your passport quality photograph that you will need when you go to put your renewal application in at your county clerk’s office. The county gun boards of all 83 counties in Michigan have been notified of this class. At the conclusion of the class, you will receive a certificate of completion and an opportunity to purchase a copy of the textbook The Right to Carry: An Awesome Responsibility. The cost of this class is only $60. Check Calendar of Events for available dates.
* Please note that the State of Michigan law does NOT require you to take a class for your renewal training. The law simply states that you must sign a statement under penalty of law verifying that you have done three hours of review of your original training and that you have done one hour of live fire range time in the six months immediately preceding the date of your renewal application. This class is being provided as a convenience to those who wish to have documentation that they have met these requirements. There have also been many changes to Michigan’s CCW law which this class will also cover. Many individuals have also expressed that they believe that documented proof of continuing education in concealed carry would aid them in a court of law should they ever have to defend themselves with lethal force.

NRA Instructor Training

The Southside Sportsman Club is one of the most recognized Concealed Carry Weapons training facilities in the Southwest Michigan area. Joel and Jared Fulton are both experienced Instructors and now NRA Training Counselors who are prepared to give you the training you need so that you can provide Concealed Carry Weapons Training to law-abiding citizens in your area.
We are currently committed to providing NRA Instructor Workshops in states who have recently passed, or are about to pass, their “shall issue” concealed carry weapon legislation. Specifically, those states are Colorado, Ohio, Minnesota, Missouri, and New Mexico.
Trainer canidates should be safe, competent, and experienced shooters before attending NRA trainer courses.
To become an NRA Certified Instructor
Demonstrate a solid background in firearm safety and shooting skills through satisfactory completion of an NRA Basic Firearm Training Course and experience in shooting sports activities, target shooting, experience in hunting, or other firearm-related activities.
Meet the age requirement: certified instructor, 21 years of age or older; assistant instructor, 18 years of age or older; apprentice instructor, 13 to 17 years of age.
Certified and assistant instructors must satisfactorily complete an NRA instructor training course in the area of specialization they wish to teach (e.g., NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting) and receive the endorsement of the NRA Training Counselor in charge.
Complete the appropriate NRA instructor examination with a score of 90 percent or higher for certified instructors and 85 percent or higher for assistant and apprentice instructors.
Submit the application with the appropriate processing fees.
If you are interested in finding out more about the opportunities that this training can provide to you, please contact us.

Individual Instruction Training

If you are looking for a more personalized individual approach to firearms training, please contact us for an appointment. Whether you are a first time shooter or an experienced shooter wanting to hone your skills, our experienced instructors will coach you to the level of excellence you desire. The price for the individual training service will vary based on your needs. A few general pricing structures are listed below:
For one hour of range time and instruction for a first-time shooter: $25.00. This service includes the use of our .22 caliber pistol and ammunition.
For coaching services for shooters with basic firearms knowledge: add $5.00 to the hourly cost of regular range time.

Basic Handgun Manipulation Class

This course is designed to teach the student the fundamentals necessary to win a violent, life threatening in counter. The principles taught in this class are based on empirical, real world data focusing on:

  • Smooth access to self defense fire arm
  • Draw stroke
  • Draw to first shot
  • Difference between defensive accuracy and Precision and accuracy and when to apply the appropriate scale
  • Moving in shooting
  • Engaging multiple threats in judgment training

From the initial concealed pistol license to those who regularly visit the range, this class will provide you with building blocks to advance your training to an expert level

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